The Beginning

It all started around a table; days were spent dreaming, planning and building a company that brings a vibrant, unique and a collaborative culture to the Fraser Valley.

While all running our independent companies we bonded over our aligned values and the desire to collaborate and create the life we wanted to live.  Plus lets be real, we are all serial entrepreneurs.

Soon hours went into finding the perfect ‘R’ for our logo which took us nearly 20 hours choosing between 2 different fonts.  All jokes aside, we all share a similar passion, drive and dedication that is applied to all aspects of who we are and what we do.

The Now

We are creative to the core.  RI+CO. is an Interior Design Firm that is made up of passionate, creative individuals with a unique range of experiences and backgrounds.

We strive to create intelligent, practical and cohesive interiors. Taking on projects that span from residential to commercial, we use our knowledge and expertise to deliver personalized results to our clients.  We love what we do and believe in enriching lives through design; delivering projects that stand the test of time.

Every day looks different – you will find us:

  • sourcing finishing materials
  • putting together a conceptual package for a client
  • developing a set of construction documents
  • submitting building permits
  • playing with fabrics
  • putting a budget together
  • shopping for décor
  • site visits to check on progress
  • furnishing and styling a finished project for a client
  • find us talking about coffee or development and we can talk your ear off